UNDERSTANDING BOBCATS IN THE GRANITE STATE: A cooperative project led by the University of New Hampshire and the New Hampshire Fish & Game Department



We created this web site to keep you posted on the details of our ongoing project. Based on the interest bobcats seem to generate, we thought that this would also be an opportunity to provide you with background information on one of New Hampshire’s most fascinating creatures. We are winding the field portion of our project.  However, the genetics portion of the study is just beginning to reveal some interesting information.  So, stay tuned!  We have begun to post some the results of our study, including graduate student theses, conference posters, and publications. Check out the "Progress" tab to see what we have accomplished so far and our plans for future activities.

After getting more than 1,000 bobcat sightings reported from all over the state, we are discontinuing that portion of our project. We really appreciated the effort you made. We are also extending a special thanks to the folks that participated in our recent trail camera survey. You did an excellent job!

Based on your sightings (many with photographs), we have learned a number of things about bobcats we might have missed.  We are updating our observation map and will continue to post the pictures we have already received from you – they are too good to miss.



Cat in Bow

Adult male bobcat in Bow, NH; photo courtesy of Diane Lowe.


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