UNDERSTANDING BOBCATS IN THE GRANITE STATE: A cooperative project led by the University of New Hampshire and the New Hampshire Fish & Game Department


Bobcat Photo Gallery - 10

Shawbobcat Musante bobcat
Our cooperating trapper John Shaw set up a trail camera at a bait station and found one of the female bobcats he caught to be a regular visitor.   Tony Musante caught this bobcat in Strafford, NH.
Rines1 Bobcat Rines2 Bobcat
Rines 3 Bobcat Rines 4 Bobcat
Jim Rines caught this bobcat visiting a coyote bait station in Tuftonboro in early April.
Lovell Bobcat Haynes Bobcat
Michael Lovell got this picture with a trailcam set in Croydon near Loon Lake in early January. I think this cat has something in its mouth but it moved too quickly out of the detection zone. Lucky cat! Nick Haynes found this bobcat feeding on a road-killed deer next to interstate 89 in Hopkinton on Friday the 13th.
Arndt1 bobcat Arndt2 bobcat
Howard Arndt found this youngster in his Amherst backyard. Nice to see that this kitten made it through a very tough winter (2010/11).
Judd Bobcat Scher bobcat2
Torin Judd encountered this bobcat passing through this yard in Deerfield on May 22, 2011. Mike Scher found this (yearling?) bobcat passing through his backyard in Amherst.
Royce1bobcat Royce2bobcat
Brenda Royce encountered this female taking her kittens to a new den site apparently by carrying them across a road in Franconia on July 9, 2011. Pretty exciting!
GrimesBobcat Ramsell Bobcat
Louise Grimes spied this large male in her Hinsdale backyard on June 30th, 2011. Rich Ramsell found this bobcat hunting for shade in his Wilton backyard.
Bodner bobcat  
Daron Bodner caught this good looking male passing through his woodlot in Weare.  
Fray Cat
Charles Fray spooted this cat climbing a tree in his backyard in Bath. Wonder if he just wanted a better view or was he scoping a bird nest?


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