UNDERSTANDING BOBCATS IN THE GRANITE STATE: A cooperative project led by the University of New Hampshire and the New Hampshire Fish & Game Department


Bobcat Photo Gallery - 11

DonohueCat1 DonohueCat2
Jack Donohue's family saw one of our collard bobcats in their backyard in Gilford, NH on August 19, 2011.
EnrightCat MeisznerCat
Sean Enright got this bobcat on August 13, 2011 using a trail camera in Deering. Woody Meiszner found this good looking cat spending time under his barn in New Ipswich "enjoying" his barn cats.
GeasonBobcat WhiteBobcat
Pam and Ron Geason set a trail camera near their home in Etna to find a very handsome neighbor. Ron White set a trail camera in Bethlehem near the Franconia town line and found this bobcat willing to pose.
LyonBobcat HimmerBobcat
Bill Lyon is one of many hunters that are encountering bobcats while on their deer stands. This one was in Epsom. Linda Himmer found this young bobcat in her backyard on the Kinston/Danville townline.
TerrillBObcat A_Milliken Bobcat
The Terrill Family in Whitefield caught this bobcat passing through their backyard in the afternoon of July 13, 2012. Good thing it wasn't laundry day or they might have missed it. Alyssa Milliken caught this skinny male lounging in her Charlestown backyard on July 20, 2012
Thompson bobcat Feist Bobcat
Richard Thompson caught this muscular bobcat passing through the woods of Wilton. Skip Feist got this picture of a young Littleton bobcat in search of its next meal. Seems it picked a good spot in that same camera had pictures of moose, deer, chipmunks and a snowshoe hare. Good to have a varied diet!
Alex Bobcat1 Alex Bobcat2
Lynn and Alex found this good looking cat in the backyeard near Paugus Bay in Laconia on Oct 12, 2012.


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