UNDERSTANDING BOBCATS IN THE GRANITE STATE: A cooperative project led by the University of New Hampshire and the New Hampshire Fish & Game Department


Bobcat Photo Gallery - 12

Boivert2 VanAllen
Paula Boisvert found this kitten enjoying the day on her deck in Moultonborough in early November 2012. Lin Van Allen first mistook this kitten for a Maine coon cat passing through her yard in Peterborough. Good thing she didn't invite it in for a bowl of kibble!
McLenon Williamson1bobcat
Denise McLenon found this young bobcat spending a few sunny days in her Antrim backyard. Seems he/she has figured that squirrels are easy pickings around bird feeders. That information may come in handy if we get some snow this winter. Jane Williamson spied this young bobcat stalking a squirrel in her backyard in North Sutton.
FotiBobcat BellBobcat
Pete Foti had a trail camera setup near his home in Whitefield just in time for this good looking male to be caught passing through. Juliet Bell found this beautiful cat in her Jaffery backyard.
CutterBobcats DickeyBobcat
Robert Cutter spotted these two kittens trying their best to secure a meal in his Hollis backyard. Linda Dickey found this young bobcat spending time near her bird (squirrel) feeder in North Swanzey.
Malinda Blakey is having regular visits by this kitten to her home in Bow. Don't know what's going on in Bow - but we've gotten many sightings from that town.
RambosthhamBobcat GrayBobcat
This beautiful bobcat is a reguar visitor at Riverview Farm in Madbury, NH. Robin Gray found this very hungry bobcat pasing through her Sutton backyard. Let's hope a squirrel was just around the corner.
RathunBobcat Rathun2Bobcat
Jason Rathun had a great chase watching this youngster stalk what may have been a flock of turkey that frequent her property in Loudon, NH.
SequinoBobcat CalabroBobcat
Joe Sequino spied this good looking cat working the thicket in his Fremont backyard. Donna and Joe Calabro took this picture of a female with her three kittens in Keene, NH. This gal has every right to show off her abilities to get her kittens through the winter. Seems like she may have passed on the joys of hunting bird feeders.


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