UNDERSTANDING BOBCATS IN THE GRANITE STATE: A cooperative project led by the University of New Hampshire and the New Hampshire Fish & Game Department


Bobcat Photo Gallery - 13

ONeillBobcat BenowitzBobcat
Helen O'Neill had this pair (mother and kitten?) pass through her Newport yard in early March 2013. Seth Benowitz has had this young bobcat spending a large part of the winter near his bird and squirrel feeders. Seems this cat has figured out a great way to find a meal.
DruryBobcat FainmanBobcat
Emily Drury found this youngster in her Peterborough backyard apparently hoping that cookout season wasn't too far off. Neil Faiman and Lynne Pentler found this youngster passing through their backyard in Wilton.
CarterBobcat WilletBobcat
Another Wilton cat! Lisa Carter setup a trail camera on what seemed to be a bobcat cached deer carcass. The cat was caught while cleaning up after a feasting on its prize. Donald Willet watched this youngster capture a careless grey squirrel at his bird feeder in Francestown. Nice catch!
CarlyleBobcat InmanBobcat
Photo taken by Jill Carlyle of a young bobcat in Winchester, NH. Randy Inman caught this nice looking adult last October in Salbury.
SweeneyBobcat FlaggBobcat
Dan Sweeney got a picture of this lanky (male?) in a recent clearcut near his backyard in Newton. After looking up the location, I suspect this cat spends time in both New Hampshire and Massachusetts. Debra Flagg caught this bobcat passing through her Brentwood woodlot on its way to dinner.
Wise Bobcat Mortz Bobcat
Jennifer Wise caught this bobcat using a trail frequented by coyotes, foxes, and raccoons making their way to her pond in Candia. Heiko Moritz had this bobcat trot up his Milford driveway.


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