UNDERSTANDING BOBCATS IN THE GRANITE STATE: A cooperative project led by the University of New Hampshire and the New Hampshire Fish & Game Department


Bobcat Photo Gallery - 14

Neal Bobcat DawleyBobcat
Patrick Neal caught this (male?) passing through Gilmanton. Mari Dawley caught this good-looking cat in Enfield.
Kreider Bobcat Rorstrom Bobcat
Greg Kreider found this youngster in his Lyndeborough backyard. Looks like it is watching a squirrel or bird with dinner in mind. John and Ellen Rorstrom caught this pretty healthy looking (male?) bobcat passing through their backyard in Bridgewater.
Buddenhagen Larouche
Erich Buddenhagen sent in pictures of this bobcat he saw at his house in Franconia. The camera was pointed towards the Gale River. Becky Larouche caught this bobcat in her backyard in Antrim.
Hotin Hotin2
Tyler Hotin caught this bobcat at a deer scrape in Chesterfield, NH. Tyler Hotin also sent in this picture of a cat in Winchester, NH.
Turner1 Turner2
Paul Turner got this sequence of pictures in Northwood. Seems 'possums are feistier than I would have given them credit for.
Glover Cornwell
The Glover family watched this cat enjoy a quite evening in their Henniker backyard. Before leaving, it managed to capture a squirrel - a purrrrfect day! Kitty and Gray Cornwell managed to get a shot of our neighborhood cat in Madbury, NH.
Anderson ReganBobcat
Taking a walk on the wild side! Erik Anderson caught this cat passing through a relatively developed portion of Bedford. Urban cats rule! Deborah Regan found this cat passing through her backyard in North Hampton on Oct 25, 2013.


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