UNDERSTANDING BOBCATS IN THE GRANITE STATE: A cooperative project led by the University of New Hampshire and the New Hampshire Fish & Game Department


Bobcat Photo Gallery - 3

ChristoBobcat Loggans bobcat

Mary Christo took this picture of a young bobcat in her backyard in Bow, NH. Hope this guy has some luck hunting soon - he looks quite thin.

Mary Fran Loggans of Francestown took a picture of this kitten spending time under her bird feeder. Based on a number of similar observations, this seems to be a very popular hunting style among kittens as they venture out on their own.
TomYoungBobcat Amy'sBobcat
Tom Young took this picture of a young bobcat hunting the edge of a swamp near his home in Merrimack. Amy Eaton came upon this cat hunting along Nubanussit Brook in Harrisville.
JGreenBobcat AntonBobcat
In late January, John Green got this picture of large adult male in Wentworth . Look closely and you'll notice a deer carcass. John reports that three bobcats fed on the deer. Anton Lawrence found this young bobcat next to one of the building on the New Boston Air Tracking Station.
SethBobcat FaithBobcat
Seth Prescott got this picture of a bobcat coming to a road killed deer in Pembroke. Faith Minton caught this young bobcat sunning itself at the end of her driveway in Warner.
DonBobcat1 DonBobcat2
DonBobcat3 Don Lowe got these excellent shots of a mature male hunting gray squirrels in his backyard in Bow. Looks like the squirrels lucked out.
AubinBobcat TombarelloCat
Chuck Aubin took this picture with a trail camera near his deer stand in Deering on Christmas Eve. This is one of an amazing 10 bobcats that George Tombarello caught this season in Loudon with traps set for coyotes. All cats were released.


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