UNDERSTANDING BOBCATS IN THE GRANITE STATE: A cooperative project led by the University of New Hampshire and the New Hampshire Fish & Game Department


Bobcat Photo Gallery - 4

Emily Bobcat RayFettoBobcat

Emily Hague got this shot of a bobcat coming to a baited trail camera positioned on Monadnock Conservancy lands in Marloborough.

Ray Fetto took this pictures of a bobcat looking over a flock of turkeys in Canaan. There has been some speculation that if bobcat populations have expanded in recent years, it coincided with the success of turkeys throughout the State.
LaFleurBobcat Lisbon Bobcat
Julia LaFleur and Erik Ward got a picture of this cat in Nottingham. They suspect it worked its way close to their house to check out some chicken that were out enjoying the recent stretch of mild weather. Andrea Fitzgerald took a picture of this nice male on February 7, 2010, behind her house in Lisbon.
Shaun Bobcat Ron Bonner
On February 2 2010, Shaun Bresnahan saw this bobcat crossing Route 3 and casually checking out a local woodlot in the middle of the day. Ron Bonner got this picture with his trail camera positioned behind his camp in Clarkville (May 21, 2010).
BobcatVisit1 BobcatVisit2
Robert Bossdorf of Ossipee got this picture of an apparently very hungry bobcat checking out his deck in the winter of 2008. Suspect his cat is glad to be indoors.
BeaverCarrbobcat HulseBobcat
Vicki Beaver and Eric Carr spotted this (male?) bobcat in their driveway on a foggy June 12, 2010 in Claremont. James Hulse got this picture on May 30, 2010 with a Trailcam set on a deer trail in Claremont.


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