UNDERSTANDING BOBCATS IN THE GRANITE STATE: A cooperative project led by the University of New Hampshire and the New Hampshire Fish & Game Department


Bobcat Photo Gallery - 5

Curtin Bobcat Messier Bobcat

Matt Curtin got this bobcat on a trail camera set in his backyard in Milford. Several hours after this picture, a coyote showed up. Must be something in the air!

  Picture taken by Ian Messier on August 30, 2009 a short distance from the Enfield House of Pizza. You think it was the pepperoni that brought this cat into the open??
BaileyBobcat Gelinas Bobcat
Robert Bailey spotted this 'cat crossing Route 4A on July 7, 2010, near what may be a moose crossing. Tori Gelinas caught what seems to be one of our collar 'cats walking up her driveway in Hillsborough. Just before the picture was taken, the bobcat seemed to be sizing up three foxes in Tori's yard. Seems about right, 3 dogs versus 1 cat.
Lubowsky Bobcat
Ryder Bobcat
Larry Lubowsky caught this bobcat passing through his yard in Fremont on September 1, 2010.   Corey Ryder captured this bobcat on a trail camera positioned on Ossipee Mountain.
Shay Bobcat Dodier Bobcat
Dennis Shay caught this bobcat with a trail camera set near his home in Jaffrey. Stan Dodier caught this bobcat with his trail camera while scouting for deer in Sanbornville.
NottinghamDeer Nottingham Bobcat
These two photos were shot by an anonymous naturalist in September 2010, in Nottingham.Nice to see everone using the same trail.
Tom Bobcat KlimmBobcat
Tom caught this bobcat tiptoeing past his trail camera setup along a game trail in Merrimack. Ellen Klimm got this nice picture from a window in her Wolfboro home.


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