UNDERSTANDING BOBCATS IN THE GRANITE STATE: A cooperative project led by the University of New Hampshire and the New Hampshire Fish & Game Department


Bobcat Photo Gallery - 6

ArtCat1 ArtCat2

Arik Dvinsky caught this healthy looking bobcat in a front yard in Etna.

HeatherCat1 HethareCat2

Heather Marmorstein encountered this great looking bobcats in Lyndeborough in mid afternoon near the Timberdoodle Hunt Club.

StevensCat Shani Bobcat
Mark Stevens released this kitten from a coyote set in Lyndeborough.   Shani Kiczek & Michael Galligan shot this nice picture of a bobcat in the Sugar Hill portion of Franconia on December 11. Cell phones actually take pretty good pictures - who knew!
Dunlop Bobcat Mario Bobcat
Robert Dunlop caught this bobcat about to have a "turkey dinner" in Newbury on December 15, 2010. Mario Maimone got this picture with a trail camera set off of Nielson Road in Nottingham.
Rich Bobcat Rich Taylor Bobcat
Rich Buscemi caught this healthy bobcat with a trail camera in Greenville before any snow. Rich Taylor caught this bobcat enjoying a quiet moment in his backyard near Lake Skatutakee in Harrisville on November 21, 2010.
Thayer Bobcat White Bobcat
David Thayer caught this bobcat with a trail camera set in Alton. Darrell White is getting regular visits to his bird feeder by this kitten in Dublin.
Kimball Bobcat Marcus Bobcat
Scott Kimball got a picture of this young bobcat from a window in his brother's house in Jackson. Marcus McLane has been seeing a family of bobcats in his backyard in Hampton Falls. Here's the female likely returning to her kitten last May.


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