UNDERSTANDING BOBCATS IN THE GRANITE STATE: A cooperative project led by the University of New Hampshire and the New Hampshire Fish & Game Department


Bobcat Photo Gallery - 7

MaddenCat Pinnell Bobcat
The Madden Family spotted this bobcat behind their home in Hopkinton in early November, 2010.   Jesse Pinnell caught this bobcat looking over his chickens in Hill on January 6, 2010.
Gallagher Bobcat Trocki Bobcat
In Washington, Jim Gallagher has gotten 5 different pictures of bobcats passing through this exact spot during the past 2 years. Must be one of those "cat intersections" I've heard trappers talk about.   Paul Trocki took this picture of a bobcat in his Weare backyard, spending time near a bird feeder. I bet this keeps the squirrels away.
Brown Bobcat Garland Bobcat
Tom Brown spotted this bobcat from his livingroom window as it tip-toed near his South Sutton home on Jnauary 7, 2011. Tom noted a nearby flock of turkeys but the cat wasn't interested. Robbie Garland this trail camera picture of a bobcat near Rand Mountain in New Durham.
Bartman Bobcat Wagner Bobcat
There's Waldo! Chris Bartman caught this bobcat a few feet from his home in Bow on Jan 9, 2011. Robby Wagner -Cosgriff has been enjoying regular visits by this kitten to her backyard bird feeder in Shelburne. I suspect an occasional careless squirrel can make a big difference when there's several feet of snow.
Wendt1 Bobcat Wendt2 Bobcat
Barbara Wendt caught this bobcat hunting near her home in Plainfield. Nice example of the "red phase" of bobcats.
Noonan Bocat SwartzBobcat
John Noonan has been seeing this cat on a regular basis in Fitzwilliam - even witness it try to take down a large hen turkey while he was in his deer stand. Looks like this kitten has found a way to make it through the winter! Hal and Ann Swartz report that this youngster has settled in under their porch in Lyme. Apparently coming out for an occasional squirrel dinner breaks up the routine.


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