UNDERSTANDING BOBCATS IN THE GRANITE STATE: A cooperative project led by the University of New Hampshire and the New Hampshire Fish & Game Department


Bobcat Photo Gallery - 8

Laconia Bobcat Downs Bobcat
Folks at Prescott Farms Environmental Center in Laconia captured one of our recently collared bobcats on their property. What's this cat looking at???   Dave and Noreen Downs caught this (male?) bobcat working the edge of their woodlot in Madison on February 7, 2011. They also managed to capture a nice video.
Sargent Bobcat Kendall Bobcat
Kevin Sargent took this picture of a male bobcat on Mt Sunapee back in 1993. Good looking animal!   Kendall Smith caught this young bobcat crossing Austin Road in Amerst. So, what was on the other side?
StOngeBobcat WassonBobcat
Sharon St. Onge got a long series of photos of this young bobcat stalking squirrels at a bird feeder in the backyard in Bow. Seems Sharon's cat enjoyed watching too! Eric Wasson caught this bobcat sneaking through his backyard in Rochester. With our deep snow this winter, seems that bobcats are spending time close to (our) home.
ScharlotteBobcat LaValleyBobcat
Monique Scharlotte saw this nice male (based on body size) working through her property in Concord in December 2010. Debbie LaValley found this very sad looking bobcat on the Contoocook River in downtown Penacook. Note the bent or missing ear.
Green1Bobcat Green2Bobcat
You can't keep a good cat down (on the ground that is!). Dan Green got these two bobcats working a bait station in Lyme. In a 48-hour period, Dan's camera recorded 400 pictures of the bobcats eating, sleeping, and simply hanging out. The bait of choice is a beaver carcass. From their size, the pair doesn't seem to be youngsters. Might be a female with her male kitten.
MoreyBobcat PoloquinBobcat
Patricia Morey caught this kitten watching her bird feeder in Hollis. Let's hope a squirrel or two shows up. Larry Poloquin managed to take a picture of this young bobcats loitering near what appears to be an empty bird feeder in February 2011.
EaslerBobcat Swenson Bobcat
Kellee Jo Easler encountered this bobcat enjoying a sunny opening just downwind from a chicken coop in Boscawen. Mardrey Swenson found this youngster in her West Lebanon backyard. It clearly shows how rough this winter has been, especially for kittens.


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