UNDERSTANDING BOBCATS IN THE GRANITE STATE: A cooperative project led by the University of New Hampshire and the New Hampshire Fish & Game Department


Bobcat Photo Gallery - 9

Tsai Bobcat Tsai2 Bobcat
Paula Tsai found this youngster waiting at her bird feeder and hoping the local squirrels wouldn't notice.   Paula Tsai has a regular guest on her deck in Etna. Life is good! (as long as you stay near thebird feeder).
Taylor Bobcat Taylor 2 Bobcat
Richard Taylor encountered this fine bobcat in his backyard on February 26, 2011. Richard suspects that the bobcat may have been interested in the abundant grey squirrels and his four indoor/outdoor house cats.
Goodell Bobcat Pitts Bobcat
Gabe Goodell found these two bobcats enjoying each other's company in his Wilton yard. Is romance in the air?? Lynne Pitts caught this youngster working her bird feeder in Richmond during December 2009. Seems the sunflower seeds provide a good background to blend into.
Janet Vaughan has had several bobcats stop by her backyard in Lempster this winter. This cat illustrates how tough the winter has been. But she/he still strives to keep the paws in good working order. By the way, the dog run in the background isn't attached to the cat. (Click on the link to view the movie). Bob Danielson captured this good looking bobcat (large male??) passing through his woodlot in Canaan on March 16, 2011. (Click on the link to view the movie).
Quinn Bobcat WinberryBobcat
Waiting for dinner to be delivered. Bob Quinn has a visitor to his bird feeders in Webster. Seems many bobcats have adopted this strategy this winter. Mark Winberry encountered this kitten in Hanover in late February. Hope it hung on to the end of winter.
TowleBobcat KellyBobcat
Jim Towle had a chance encounter in the early afternoon on March 22, 2011 in the Goss Park baseball field parking lot in Wilton. Seems this cat knows a short cut to nearby hunting grounds. Lorraine Kelly has a kitten spending time in her West Lebanon backyard hoping to snatch a squirrel. Now that the snow is melting these kittens should be able to secure a regular meal and will likely spend less time around bird feeders.
Rylander1Bobcat RylanderBobcat
Alf Rylander set up a trail camera at a carcass of a deer that was taken by a cat in the Warner/Sutton area. On occasion several bobcats in an area will feed on the same carcass, at least until it is discovered by coyotes.
RamsdellBobcat ReijgersBobcat
Ray Ramsdell caught this bobcat plowing through a clearing in New Hampton in late January 2011. Erwin Reijgers found this good looking cat still checking out his backyard in Hollis. Winter's over - time to head into the woods.
Anonymous1 Anonymous2
These photos come from an anonymous coyote hunter in Weare that set up a bait station to the advantage of a bobcat. Dog meets cat but it looks like the bait has been eaten.


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