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The following are some of the projects in the Litvaitis lab. Click on the images to access individual projects.


A Modern Inventory of the Polyclad Fauna of the Caribbean: Distribution, Systematics and Taxonomy

black flatworm with orange border

Historical, Population, and Trophic Connections in Meiofaunal Communities of North and South Carolina Barrier Island Beaches (collaborative project with Dr. Julian P. Smith III, Wintrop University, Rock Hil, SC and Dr. Stephen Fegley, Institute of Marine Sciences, Univ. of North Carolina)
Animal Conservation Genetics: Understanding Bobcats in the Granite State (collaborative project with Dr. John A. Litvaitis and the NH Fish & Game Department)

bobcat in winter

Linking Heterozygosity and Morphometrics with Motility and Attachment Strength in Blue Mussels
Blue Mussels
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