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FlatwormWranglers Kate, Marcela, and Marian holding up giant flatworm at Carmabi beach

Here are the people that work on polyclad flatworms and that have designed these pages for you. We like to think of ourselves as Flatworm Wranglers because we collect the worms, and then "wrangle" them into postion for photography. If you have any questions for the Flatworm Wranglers, feel free to contact any of us.

Dr. Marian Litvaitis is a Professor in the Department of Natural Resources and the Environment at the University of New Hampshire. She has been working with flatworms for twenty years. She is interested in the systematics and evolution of flatworms.

Leslie New man and Andrew  FLowers on dive boat

The late Dr. Leslie Newman had been working on polyclads for more than 15 years. She was interested in the ecology and biodiversity of these worms.

The late Dr. Andrew Flowers worked on the toxicity of flatworms and their potential use as pharmaceuticals. He accompanied Leslie on her collecting trips and was her dive buddy. Many of the photographs on these web pages are credited to him.

Marcela in dive gear on dock


Dr. Marcela Bolaños received her PhD in Zoology from the University of New Hampshire in August 2008. Her dissertation focused on the embryology and morphology of the muscular system of polyclads. She is now an affiliate professor at UNH in the Department of Natural Resources and the Environment.

Sigmer on dive boat


Dr. Sigmer Quiroga received his PhD in Zoology from the University of New Hampshire in July 2008. His dissertation focused on the evolution of nervous systems using polyclads as a model. He is now a professor at the University de Magdalena in Santa Marta, Colombia.

Anne on dive boat

Anne DuPont is a retired IBM instructor whose favorite pursuit is underwater photography. She has won international awards for her underwater photographs, and has been published in numerous SCUBA diving magazines. Anne and her husband reside in Delray Beach, Florida. When not diving Florida waters, they spend their time diving and cruising the Bahamas on their trawler.


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